Dr. Athena Xenikou

Dr. Athena Xenikou

Assistant Professor in Psychology, Hellenic Airforce Academy

Dr Athena Xenikou was awarded her Ph.D. by the Faculty of Science of the University of London (Department of Psychology, UCL) in 1996. While doing her Ph.D., she was employed as a Statistics and Lab Demonstrator at UCL, and Statistics Tutor at City University- London, UK. In 1997 she was hired as a Research Fellow by the Department of Marketing at London Business School working for the ‘Future Media Research Program’. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Hellenic Air Force Academy, and served as an Assistant Professor in Social and Organizational Psychology in the Department of Psychology at University of Thessaloniki. In the academic year 2013-14 she was employed as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology of Western University, Canada. She is a chartered psychologist of the British Psychological Society and a member of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, the European Association of Social Psychology, and the Hellenic Psychological Society.

Her research concerns the influence of perceptions of leadership and organizational value priorities on how well employees perform their jobs, the extent to which they identify with and are committed to their employing organization, and whether they feel happy with their work environment. Her research interests include organizational culture, leadership, motivation, employee well-being, organizational commitment and identification.

Her research has been published in high quality international journals including the Journal of Vocational Behaviour, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Human Relations, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Managerial Psychology, Applied Psychology, Frontiers in Psychology: Organizational Psychology, and British Journal of Psychology. Athena is the author of the book ‘Group Dynamics and Organizational Culture: Effective workgroups and organizations’ (Palgrave/ Macmillan) with Prof Adrian Furnham published in 2013.

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